Electronics designing – R&D (Research and Development) Department

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The R&D (Research and Development) Department creates concepts for new products and services, develops techniques for their production and application and conducts tests necessary to verify the effectiveness and safety of these products. The involvement of Nordes team in the implementation of subsequent R&D projects results in continuous increase in the offer of innovative devices that meet the needs and expectations of our partners and customers.

Building teams consisting of experienced specialists and investing in modern technological infrastructure contributes to the continuous development of our R&D Department. The goal of this work is to increase the effectiveness of actions taken to improve the quality of our services and meet the needs of our consumers.

The functioning of the R&D Department is based on three key pillars:



The use of innovative solutions requires research and analysis of new areas and taking up new challenges.
The development of our R&D department would not be possible without the numerous researches, trials and tests that we have carried out so far. Scientific curiosity is the source of creative change in the electronics sector and the key to successfully meeting the diverse needs of our customers.


We cooperate with scientific units and professional constructors with many years of experience. Being aware of positive benefits of partnership we are willing to cooperate with external centers and institutions for joint research. Projects implemented this way allow much faster response to new challenges of science and business.


Every action undertaken by the R&D Department is aimed at improving the quality and functionality of services.
We approach identifying the needs of our customers with particular diligence as well as we determine the benefits of solutions that our product could offer them.

We strive to increase the effectiveness of existing stages of action. We focus on creativity and flexibility and we also look for answers to new questions. We always maintain the highest safety standards and respect the quality of the products and services we offer.