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Nordes expands to Scandinavian markets and opens office in Copenhagen

As part of its expansion strategy, Nordes, a Polish contract electronics manufacturer, has established its presence in Scandinavian markets by opening a new office in Copenhagen. The move is aimed at improving communication and cooperation with partners in Denmark and Sweden.

New leadership for Scandinavian expansion

At the beginning of 2023, Nordes welcomes Kim Engmark, an expert in electromechanics and electronics, as country manager for Denmark. With extensive experience in personnel and production management, Kim will lead Nordes’ expansion and customer service efforts in Denmark. His previous positions include Berendsen, Eltech, Finder and Alpha Elektronik.

Advances in selective soldering technology

A new selective soldering machine has recently been installed at the Nordes facility in Wroclaw, Poland. This advanced technology allows precise soldering of specific assembly points, improving reliability and reducing heat exposure to the PCB. Features of the machine include temperature control, an automatic soldering process and compatibility with different PCB types.

Comprehensive EMS services at #NordesEMS

Nordes offers a wide range of services, from PCBA production and assembly (SMT and THT) to coating, testing and final assembly, including box building and logistics. The company emphasises the importance of quality standards, safety and customer satisfaction. Nordes’ approach ensures better quality control, flexibility and added value for customers by managing the entire production process in-house.

Future commitments and market importance

Nordes will participate in several international exhibitions, including EoT – Electronics of Tomorrow, Evertiq Expo Malmö, Evertiq Expo Gothenburg and Elmia Subcontractor. The Danish and Swedish markets are crucial for Nordes due to their high level of innovation and advanced technological infrastructure.

CEO’s vision

Michal Luckiewicz, CEO of Nordes, highlights the strong trade relations between Poland and the Nordic market, and emphasises Poland’s reputation for production skills, flexibility and quality in the EMS sector.

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