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Nordes EMS, a leading electronics contract manufacturer, has installed the PBT Works SuperSwash III washer at its technology park in Wroclaw, Poland. This advanced equipment for cleaning printed circuit boards (PCBA), stencils, squeegees and mechanical parts will significantly improve the company’s production quality and meet the growing demands of the electronics market.

Nordes has installed the PBT Works SuperSwash III

PBT Works SuperSwash III: Cutting edge technology

The PBT Works SuperSwash III washer is a versatile solution for cleaning a variety of electronic components. Each stage of the cleaning process is carried out using a separate closed loop, dedicated pump and filtration system. This configuration minimises the risk of cross-contamination, which is critical to maintaining the highest cleaning quality.

The PCB cleaning process is divided into the following stages:

1. Washing stage: the parts are machine-washed using a linear spray system with a water-based detergent. The entire process takes place in a closed loop with full mechanical filtration.

2. First rinse: the machine performs the first rinse to the required conductivity level using integrated carbon and mixed bed filters with a capacity of 16 litres. The life of the tank can be extended by connecting it to an external DI water source and drain.

3. Second Rinse: this stage uses high purity deionised water, also to the required conductivity level. Water is continuously recycled through built-in carbon and mixed bed filters.

4. Drying stage: the machine dries the parts using a linear hot air knife with partial filtration inlet.

“SuperSwash III removes all types of post-soldering contaminants, cleans mechanical micro-parts, contaminants from the PCBA production process and boards with components such as BGA, CSP, BTC, QFN, MELF. It is also an ideal solution for pre-coating or protective coating washing,” says Marek Lendor, Production Director at Nordes EMS.

SuperSwash III Options and Features

The PBT Works SuperSwash III washer is available in two capacity options: Single and Twingo. It provides a linear spray over the entire surface of the items being cleaned and a dual rinse option. It can use two different detergents and has holders for each type of stencil.It is compatible with most detergents on the market and has an illuminated chamber with glass doors.

It also features low water and detergent consumption. For more efficient and effective use, the washer is equipped with a barcode reader, an intuitive touch screen and a collision sensor.

The importance of PCBA cleaning

The main objective of PCBA cleaning is to remove flux and resin residues. Most PCBs in the aerospace, automotive, military and telecommunications industries must be free of contaminants in order to proceed to the next stages of production, such as conformal coating or epoxy filling. Improper cleaning can result in delamination and poor wetting, negatively impacting the durability, efficiency and reliability of the devices. An additional benefit is the aesthetic appearance of cleaned PCBs.

“Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the brain and heart of many electronic devices, from cars to medical equipment. For PCBs to function properly, all of their interconnections must be clean. Each component on the PCBA has a specific role to play, and any contamination can disrupt its function, leading to device failure. This is why PCBA cleaning is a critical part of the electronic assembly process,” adds Marek Lendor

Nordes - The importance of PCBA cleaning

Investing in the future

The purchase of the PBT Works SuperSwash III washer is an important investment for Nordes EMS to consistently improve production quality to meet the growing demands of the market. With this technology, Nordes EMS can offer its customers the highest standards of cleanliness and product reliability, which is essential for success in the contract electronics industry.

Nordes EMS continues to invest in modern technology to deliver the highest quality products and maintain its position as a market leader.