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Nordes EMS has installed a state-of-the-art PBT Works SuperSwash III cleaning system at its technology park in Wroclaw, Poland. This new equipment enhances Nordes EMS’ production capabilities by effectively cleaning printed circuit boards (PCBAs), stencils and mechanical parts to meet stringent industry standards and customer requirements.

The SuperSwash III washer uses advanced technology with a dedicated pump and filtration system for each stage of the cleaning process, ensuring minimal risk of cross-contamination and high cleaning efficiency. It processes a wide range of electronic components, including those with advanced features such as BGA, CSP and QFN.

“Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the brain and heart of many electronic devices, from cars to medical equipment. For PCBs to function properly, all of their interconnections must be clean. Each component on the PCBA has a specific role to play, and any contamination can disrupt its function, leading to device failure. This is why PCBA cleaning is a critical part of the electronic assembly process,” says Marek Lendor, Production Director at Nordes EMS, in a press release.

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